Our government will enact laws which will incorporate the culture, traditions, beliefs etc. Values of other countries or what is considered good or bad by intellectuals, social activists etc. would not be imposed on the common people. Breaking cocunuts on the heads of the people, walking on the fire etc. during festivals are traditions of the people of Tamilnadu.  Some people may consider these as dangerous but the solution is to station ambulances with first aid facilities at the sites and  not banning the same. Some tribal societies have special customs and traditions which to other people may be bad. But there would be no interference with this.


When one enters a village or a town in India/Tamilnadu from any side, he/she finds at the entrance garbage on both sides of the street/road as also on part of the streets. Similarly when one leaves the village/town from any side, garbage is found dumped/strewn. The garbage in villages and towns consists of plastic cups ,plastic bags, paper, home garbage, glass, agricultural waste, factory waste, construction waste etc, Garbage is also found thrown in the rivers where people take bath, wash clothes, and from where drinking water is tapped.

In our government local authorities will place at convenient places, separate garbage bins for plastics, paper, glass, meals etc, and force the people to put the garbage in correct bins, collect the same on a regular basis, transport to a far off place, recycle whatever is possible, prepare manure and produce bio gas where possible and use the remaining solid waste as earth fill- for filling up ditches, etc.

The government would depute concerned officials to places like Hong Kong, Singapore and European cities for studying how the waste is disposed off in those countries.

There would be separate drains for rain water which should be drained into lakes and for sewarage which would be taken to a place where it is purified before it is used for irrigation.

People would also be forced not to spit or urinate on roads and other public places

There would be frequent campaigns to create awareness among the people on the need for keeping the places neat and clean

Our government would encourage shops and places frequented by people to provide toilet facilities to the staff, customers etc.

Government would make available funds to local bodies:

for setting power plants using garbage either departmentally or through private participation

for setting up manure plants

for setting up plants to recycle glass items, iron & steel items, plastic items, paper &paper products or setting up plants on private participation

for setting plants for treating  dirty water for use in irrigation

for putting up Pay & Use toilets in markets, bus stands, play grounds,, etc. and for buying land for putting up toilets

for buying dustbins, trucks with mechanical devices for loading and unloading of garbage


The economy of Tamilnadu suffered in the recent past due to lower growth rate in construction sector. The construction sector suffered because of shortage of sand and the controls imposed by state government on sand quarrying. There is public opinion against exploitation of sand. Our government would do more on encouraging and funding research on making sea sand suitable for construction by modifying the same, Similarly a time may come when there will be shortage of raw materials for cement. The same may be the case for iron as well. The government would fund extensive research on developing alternate materials for sand, cement and iron. Though wood is a renewable source, there could be constraints on its supply. Bricks may not pose a big problem.Shortage of manpower may arise with the expansion of manufacturing and service industries. Mechanisation would be introduced on a larger scale.


Recently there were moderate to heavy rains in certain parts of Tamilnadu but in certain other parts like in many places in Dharmapuri district there were not sufficient rains. However, one could see clouds every day. There are general theories on how clouds are formed and how it rains. Cloud seeding is done by many countries including India for inducing rainfall. Now what is required is research on reducing the cost of cloud seeding.

There is also need for research on rainfall when there are no clouds over the area where rain is desired. There would be research on moving rain bearing clouds from where ever they are to where ever rain is required. The cost should be affordable. There are generally more clouds over sea than over land and rain is more required over land than over sea. During day time winds blow from sea to land and vice-versa during night time. But this does not happen some times and rain bearing clouds are not moved by winds to land during day time. Now the research would be on moving clouds from over sea to land at affordable cost. If the cost is affordable, then the clouds can be moved also from places where the rain is causing floods to dry areas. Considering the amount of time ,energy, money needed to mitigate the effects and contain damages of heavy floods, expenditure on research on moving clouds is worth spending and our government would spend.


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