More government work will be outsourced i.e. more non-confidential work will be got done from private contractors.

The government will train officers and staff to examine issues positively and a negative decision should be taken with the approval of an authority higher than the one who is in charge of the matter, Government would in most cases accept affidavits, undertakings etc in the place of documentary and other proof

Government will form separate Ministries for the following subjects.

non-conventional energy

Science and Technology

Personnel and Administrative Reforms

waste land development

Irrigation and water resources development


Departments of Revenue and Commercial Taxes could be merged.

To minimise the congestion in Chennai,the following proposals would be revived/considered

(i) shifting the capital of the state to another place like Tiruchi(old proposal)

(ii)shifting of some important offices like Tamilnadu Public Service Commission, High Court,Govenment of Tamilnadu commercial and industrial undertakings,Statistics Department

(iii)Discouraging of establishment of certain industries in the capital by way of additional taxes

(iv)further encouraging of establishment of industries in backward areas by enhancing the current level of incentives

There will be redistribution of work between District Collector and District Superintendent of Police.

all vacancies would be filled in and additional posts would be created  if necessary by looking at the pending papers and after conducting work studies to determine the workload

promotions would be made on the basis of merit and not on seniority

discipline would be enforced at all costs

posts would be filled up by those possessing minimum required qualification.  Higher qualified persons would be avoided as they would not be suitable from the points of willingness to work, their perception of low level of salary vis a vis their qualification etc.

officers would avoid doing work of juniors and concentrate on important matters

avoidable and unnecessary work would not be taken up as it would divert concentration from important work

senior officers in stead of doing most of the work, would train  junior officers to do the work and take work from them

There would be more number of posts than at present at the junior level.

The talent at junior level at present is underutilized. Steps would be taken to utilize fully the talent at all levels. Unnecessary information will not be asked from applicants.

The officers who harass applicants by asking unrequired information will be punished


Corruption at political and official level will be eliminated even without any new laws and regulations, institutions or authorities, by strictly following existing rules and regulations,

Being part of the society, the political and bureaucratic functionaries have the same level of honesty, integrity, efficiency, devotion to duty etc. as the common people of the society. The common person in general is honest only because he/she has no opportunity to be corrupt. When he/she has the opportunity to be corrupt, he will almost definitely extract bribes by any way. So, if the corruption in government is to be eliminated, the society should first be made honest. But this is not easy.

But corruption cannot be allowed to be continued. The situation of absence of corruption can be achieved only by eliminating opportunities for corruption. For this, there is need to amend the rules and procedures. For example, in all the cases,  single window system would be adopted. This means, the applicants for licences, approvals etc. need to apply only to one authority. This authority would seek “no objection certificates” from other offices wherever necessary. Again the denials/delays in extending services would be explained by the concerned authorities to their seniors and to the applicants or their nominees. All communications between the authorities and the applicants would be through mail/email so that the chances of authorities asking bribe from applicants are eliminated/reduced. Government would also in most cases accept affidavits and undertakings from applicants instead of asking for proofs and certificates from various other authorities.

No employee would be given increments and promotions unless he does good work and is honest. Promotions would not be on the basis of seniority but on the considerations of merit and honesty.

When these changes are made in rules and procedures, corruption will be eliminated to a large extent.

System of punishing corrupt officials will be substituted by preventing officials from taking bribes

In cooperation with the intelligentsia and social activists values like honesty, hard work, self-respect (declining avoidable assistance from any quarter), devotion to duty, patriotism, fear of God etc. would be inculcated in the minds of the people from childhood.


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