Tasmac shops will not be punished but alcohol content in drinks will be reduced, In addition encouragement will be given to groups of people to gather near shops and plead with the customers to give up drinking.


Ladies who have to be regularly on the roads on account of their work etc. will be given free training in arts/martial arts to defend themselves.
Employers will be asked to avoid as far as possible giving work to ladies in late evening or early morning.
Police(security officers)  will be on duty  at places vulnerable to violence against women like colleges, cinema halls, bus stands, restaurants, temples etc.

CCTV Cameras will be installed at regular interval in roads, streets, parks, bank offices, shopping centres, markets etc. to put fear in criminals so that they desist from indulging in crimes and to check the speed of vehicles.


Republic Day and Independence day celebrations will be held in district headquarters towns in turns, to enable all people of the state to witness the celebrations


As far as possible our government will remove the following divides created by previous governments, NGOs,international organisations etc. and women

ii.young and old

iii.employers and employees, and businessmen

v.producers and traders

vi.small land owners and large land owners

vii. rich and the poor

viii.forward communities and backward communities

  1. small industry and large industry

x.consumers and suppliers

These divides  have mostly robbed the unity and happiness of the society to some extent. The unit of the society is family and not individuals. A family has men, women, old people and young people. So the family would not be divided along the lines of gender or age. A society needs farmers, businessmen, rich people, small industry, large industry, consumers, suppliers etc. and the interests of all the people should be promoted. It may be argued that poor people need protection and support whereas the rich do not need. Hence one has to divide the society into rich and poor people. But the rich people also need to become richer to provide jobs to larger number of people, to provide higher wages and benefits to existing employees etc. Producers need traders to distribute their products. Traders need producers to produce goods for them to distribute. Thus the people are inter dependent. They need each other. It is therefore the endeavor of the new govt not to talk in terms of men, women, young, old, rich, poor etc. and our government would not divide the society. With the consensus of political parties Special Boards for women, different communities, difference vocations etc would be closed.


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