manifesto for Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly elections(12) 2016

The government will work for Opening branch courts of Supreme Court in Tamilnadu and High Court branches in a few more cities in Tamilnadu to minimize the inconvenience to litigants

Will work for making Tamil  language as Madras  High Court language

Will work for raising the age for voting to 25 as at the age of 18, one is not in a position to decide on the merits of different ideologies, or the suitability of different contestants

Government will find ways of encouraging private individuals and organisations to contribute to the development of arts, science, industry, agriculture, service sector etc. as also to welfare measures like establishment educational institutions, hostels, hospitals, orphanages, sports organisations, yoga teaching giving due recognition and rewards to the individuals and organisations. Will also emcourage further involvement of temples, mosques and churches in such activities.

Government will strive for consensus to honour heads of organisations of all religions.

The government will also moot the idea of beginning important government functions with prayers by priests of all religions as in some countries.

Our government will initiate action for re-establishment of Legislative Council.

Our government will endeavor to hold elections to various bodies like local bodies, Legislative Assembly and Parliament at the same time to avoid repetitive work relating to revision of voters’ list, preparations for elections etc.

At present employees enjoy about 170-180 holidays i.e. about half of 365 days in a year- 104 Sundays and Saturdays, about 15 government holidays, 30 days of earned leave,12 days of casual leave, 10-20 days of medical leave. Our government will try to arrive at an agreement to reduce the holidays by about 20 days in a year.


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