Prohibition- by law or persuasion?

Consumption of alcohol leads people to misbehavior. The media often report about this misbehavior which affects several people. Consumption/excessive  consumption of alcohol has destroyed the peace and livelihood of families of several consumers. It has destroyed their health.. Talking all these into consideration, one comes to the conclusion alcohol is very bad. Once a consumer gets addicted, he will not on his own, normally give up excessive drinking. So it is left to the society to make him give up drinking. Several organizations and political parties show serious concerns on the ill effects of alcohol consumption. Now the question is, should there be a legal solution which will be ban on preparation, sale and consumption, or should this be by persuasion. In Tamilnadu, various political parties and social organizations are seeking ban on drinking and closure of liquor shops. Here also a question arises as to whether closure of liquor shops not lead to preparation, sale and consumption of illicit liquor which in the past had been responsible for many deaths. In addition addicts going to neighboring states to drink cannot be stopped.

Several countries in Europe and America enforced prohibition, but this could last only for short periods and was repealed in most of the countries/territories within the countries.

It appears that the best course to bring an end to alcohol consumption is by persuasion. In each locality, those seeking prohibition can gather in large numbers in front of liquor shops and persuade consumers not to buy and consume liquor. In addition, Government and non-governmental organizations can start de-addition centres all over the state and treat addicts free of charge. These two steps will certainly reduce the number of alcohol consumers.

Prohibition-by law or  persuasion, consumption, misbehavior, destroyed the health, political parties, ban, persuasion, liquor shops, de-addiction centres


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