If I were the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

If I were the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu,  I would concentrate on the following issues.

  1. Government or private employment to all able bodied and willing persons. While all will be given jobs, some jobs may not be according to the desires of the people or according to their educational and other qualifications, But the people will be given special training to work against existing and expected vacancies.
  2. When farmers are unable to sell their produce in the market at fair prices, government will procure the same at remunerative prices. For example, tomatoes will be procured by government at Rs.10/  kg.  While calculating fair/remunerative prices , notional lease amount of the land will be taken into consideration.
  3. Corruption will be completely eradicated by amending the rules and procedures and by introducing some other administrative reforms. Single window system will be introduced for all applications, Communications between applicants and officials will be through post or e-mail. There will be no need for personal contacts between applicants and officials which would eliminate chances of corruption.
  4. Alcohol addicted people will be persuaded to give up drinking. There will be continuous programmes to discourage alcohol consumption. De-addiction centres will be established all over the state.  There will be feature films.. documentaries, advertisements etc discouraging drinking. Alcohol content in the drinks will be reduced considerably. Alternate drinks like fermented coconut water will be popularised.

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