Rules, procedures and service conditions need amendments

It has become a fashion to blame present day politicians for  everything bad-whether it is crime in the society,fall in moral standards of people, corruption in government,violence, communal clashes etc- and it is not surprising that the country’s  economic underdevelopment or backwardness is also  attributed to the present day politicians. Sometimes, some people attribute to the country’s ills to the bureaucrats also. The general public is portrayed as good. innocent. honest etc . Similarly while government sector is described as corrupt and inefficient, private sector is praised as honest and efficient, One thing which is conveniently forgotten is that politicians and bureaucrats come from the society and if the society is generally good,its politicians and bureaucrats cannot be entirely and completely bad. Again from the same society employees of both public and private sector come. Hence the level of honesty and efficiency cannot be different. However, in private sector chances of demanding money from customers are nil. Similarly, the service terms and conditions in the two sectors make employees behave differently. If rules, office procedures and service conditions are amended suitably, government service can be made to be honest and efficient,


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