Too much involvement/interference by govt in the private lives of people.

A perusal of the manifestos of political parties for Tamilnadu Legislative assembly elections shows that the political parties want to continue/expand government’s involvement/interference in the private lives of people, in the name of extending welfare measures to the people, particularly the poor.The government decides on/ and provides the dress of the students, the books they read in the schools. the meals they eat, the age at which they join the schools, the age at which they go for work, the age at which they  marry, the price the producers  of agricultural produce get etc. This is not only against the spirit of freedom/rights of the people, but more dangerously expands the gap between parents and children. The bond between them is loosened and the affection between the members of the family is reduced to some extent. This is the reason why young people no longer have much affection for their parents which has necessitated the setting up of homes for old people. This is not to suggest that the government should not help people. What it should do, is to provide employment opportunities for all, with decent salaries with which people can take care of the entire needs of the children.


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