If were the Minister for Water Resources of a state in India


If were the Minister for Water Resources of a state in India, I would:

a.Link the rivers in the state with each other and with lakes

b.Order removal of all karuvelam and other trees from all lakes

c.Deepen the lakes

d.Allow people to take soil newly deposited by the streams , thus dredging without any expenses for the government/panchayat

e.Remove all obstacles for rainwater draining in the lakes

f.Remove all restrictions in putting up bore wells as the water level will come up with lakes holding more water and for longer time with deepening of the same

g.Will remove limits/restrictions on putting up drip irrigation facilities

h.will set up research stations and encourage private research stations for research on refining technology to make artificial rain with a view to bring down the cost

i.Will set up artificial rain making facilities in all the districts

j.Will encourage studies on locating pure water along the sea coast, as it is believed that at a certain depth, pure water exists along the coast

k.Will set up research institutes on evolving sea salt resistant crops and take sea water into the land for irrigating salt resistant crops

l.Will set up research institutes to study the quantum of water prevented by trees from recharging the ground water, to understand how many more trees are to be planted or whether we have more trees than required

m.Set up desalination plants along the sea coast

Focus of Indian Embassies and High Commissions in foreign countries


From the agreements signed during the visits of foreign dignitaries to India and Indian dignitaries to foreign countries it appears that Indian Embassies and High Commissions should focus among others on the following, which apart from establishing Indian visibility, would help generate foreign exchange for the country and enhance the image of the country.

i, opportunities for Indian Banks to set up branches in foreign countries
ii. opportunities for Indian insurance companies to set up branches
iii. opportunities for setting up educational institutes, including IT, Medical
iv. opportunities for Indian hospitals to set up branches
v. opportunities for Indian companies for management of sick companies.
vi. opportunities for Indian companies to invest
vii. opportunities for India to buy/lease agricultural land
viii. opportunities for Indian establishments to set up hotels, Indian Restuarants

The above are not new items of work for the Embassies/High Commissions. Such opportunities have in the past been explored in countries like Vietnam, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia etc.

Number of outbound Indian tourists is nearly twice that of number of inbound tourists to India. Considering the vast potential for increasing tourist flow to India, the Embassies should put the foreign outbound tour operators in touch with Indian inbound tour operators. Embassies themselves should increase their interaction with local outbound tour operators. India’s tourist offices abroad should be part of the embassies

Similarly, considering the fact that India’s imports are much higher than exports, Embassies should concentrate on generating local enquiries for Indian exports by regularly writing to local importers of various products they could import from India as well as by organizing catalogue exhibitions, buyer-seller meets.