If I were the Prime Minister of India

If I were the Prime Minister of India,the priorities of the government of India would be:

1. to initiate action on linking the rivers in the country,establishing weather research and monitoring institutes, refining artificial rain technology and setting up at least one artificial rain making station in each district;

2. to create separate Ministry of Disaster Prevention and Management so that disaster prevention is an on going programme and would minimize the damages of the disasters;

3.to increase steeply the procurement prices of agricultural produce and introduce procurement of vegetables and fruits when their prices fall down;

4.to initiate action to atleast double the length of railway lines

5. to initiate action to triple the length of roadways and widen it the highways to 4/6 lanes

6.to use space science to locate underground mineral and water resources

7.to use atomic energy not only for electricity but also in other areas like agriculture, health, mining, constructing long tunnels for diverting some of the west flowing rivers to the east, constructing dams etc.

8.to use religions(all) for moulding the character of the people, to minimize violence, terrorism etc.


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