Use/Better use of seas and shores

There are only a few land lacked countries in the world. Most of the countries have sea coasts. In order to better use the seas and shores,Research institutes should be set up in large countries like India, Brazil, Russia, China, USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia etc. Some of the institutes can be for:

1.use of waves for generating electricity

2.exploitation of minerals including fuel from sea bed

3. evolving  of sea salt tolerant vegetable plants, fruit trees and even cereals

4. use of sea sand in construction of buildings by modifying the characteristics of sand

5.extraction of minerals like ilmenite, rutile etc from sand

6.better harvest of fish etc

7.cheaper methods of desalination of sea water for use as drinking water, water for irrigation etc.

8.draining of  purified drainage water into the seas

9. better use for transportation of passengers as well as freight

10.better use as tourist resorts.lopment

For a country to sustain development, it is necessary to use all available resources particularly those that are renewable.




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