Priority should be to prevent crimes rather than punishing the criminals

Governments both at the Centre and the States,( present as well as the past) seem to be keen on finding and punishing those who commit the crimes rather than preventing people from committing crimes. River sand is in short supply. Builders, large and small want sand. They indulge in corruption. What the government should have done is to find alternate material for sand. Research should have been undertaken to make sea sand usable in construction of buildings. Wood is required for buildings and for many other purposes. Government should offer incentives and encourage people to grow a large number of trees. Government could remove restrictions on cutting wood from owned lands and the crime of cutting trees could be prevented. Government should deploy officials for going through the advertisements in the newspapers, TV , etc which are meant for cheating people by offering impracticable  benefits. lucrative employment and employment in foreign countries etc. and prevent them from cheating people  instead of waiting for victims to make complaints. Government should organize self help groups to go round villages and towns during day time and night time to ensure that no thefts or sexual violence takes place instead of waiting for victims to complain




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