Jallikattu- what Tamilnadu MPs could have done

One or some of the Members of Parliament from Tamilnadu could have introduced Private Member Bill in Parliament to amend the Act (under which Jallikattu is barred) to exempt Jallikattu from being barred. This could have made the Minister  to request the MP/MPs to withdraw the bill assuring the Member/s that Govt would itself bring the bill to amend the Act. Even if this has not come about, the issue could have drawn attention of MPs of other states some of whom might have supported the amendment. A solution could have been found by this time if action had been taken a year earlier.

Separately the state should set up an expert committee to recommend which of the subjects in the Concurrent List and Union List could be transferred to State List. Prevention of Cruelty to  Animals is a fit subject to be transferred to State List from Current List.



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