Making society safe for people


All over the world, including developed countries, crimes are increasing in numbers as also in seriousness. In most cases criminals are traced and punished. But the crimes continue to take place.

It is easier to punish a criminal, but it is more important to prevent a crime taking place. For preventing crimes criminal minds of the people should be changed. For this, fear should be instilled in the minds of the people about serious consequences of committing crime not only in this birth but also in life after death( as believed in Hinduism ,Islam, Christianity, etc). Course in moral science for students should be designed in such a way that people will be afraid of to not only harm but even think of harming people. This may not be easy but attempts should be made in this direction.

Police authorities already have lists(though not exhaustive) of people involved in repeated crimes. These people should be exposed yoga, meditation, religious lectures etc. Spiritual leaders of all religions should be requested to take interest in these activities. Spiritual leaders should be given places of honour in the society, so that they take interest in social issues of the people.

These yoga etc activities should also be organized in prisons which should become places of reformation

Vigilant Committees should be organized in all areas which will report their suspicions, views and ideas to the Police authorities. Members of these committees should be selected mostly from retired people,(to keep expenditure to the minimum) after careful considerations. In order to make them committed to their task, they should be given awards, honours and honororiums. They should be posted at busy places like bus stands, busy shops, markets, educational institutes, hospitals, banks, ATMs, govt.offices, temples, churches, mosques etc. where surveillance cameras should also be installed.

Most importantly, all able bodied persons should be given full time employment with decent salaries.

The question of giving one or two years military and police training to all people before they go for regular jobs should also be considered. This is to instill sense of discipline.

The above measures may lead to reduction of incidence of crime.

Release of Mr.Ramalinga Raju of erstwhile Satyam Computer Services


From what is reported on in the newspapers, it appears that if Mr.B.Ramalinga Raju of erstwhile Satyam of Computer services, who is in jail on a fraud case, is released from jail he would be able to create substantial number of jobs, and contribute to production of considerable quantum of goods and services as he did with Satyam . Thus his release appears to be in public interest. So the government should find ways to release him from jail. There will however be voices against his release advanced from the point of justice which should be considered. Government should also consider other implications.