Election promises of Indian political parties


Most of the political parties whether national or regional, in their election promises speak of freebies i.e. things they would distribute freely if elected or cash they would distribute but they do not speak of providing full employment to all able bodied persons with salaries sufficient to have a decent life with all essential requirements. In fact, unemployment is the only problem of the country. Once everyone is employed, most of the social and economic problems
will be solved automatically

Unemployment and crime


Most of the crimes which are committed for money are committed by the unemployed people. Hence with increased employment opportunities, crime will come down. Creating jobs is one way of curtailing crime rate, making life safer and happier for the people.Governments can give grants to the industrialists and businessmen who create regular jobs with a view to encourage them. Governments can undertake infrastructural and irrigation projects, set up research institutes-scientific, industrial, social,economics.