reducing/eliminating unemployment


Indian political parties seem to think that government can do everything including creation of of jobs on its own. But this is not possible. Government should involve the rich people who can invest their money in establishing factories, business establishments, service establishments etc which can provide jobs to the people, produce goods and services and thus increase the GDP of the country.If the country is to develop, there is need for capital which rich people can provide, there is need for workers who can work, there is need for services like transport, electricity, trade etc.which service establishments can provide. Therefore it is necessary to have harmonious relationship between different contributors and effective coordination. The government’s contribution in economic development should be indirect in the form of facilitation, concessions, infrastructure development. Government’s priority should be improvement in law and order situation, provision of social security and similar things.

Obsession with non-interference in internal affairs of other countries


In foreign policy, India follows a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. This is good when the internal affairs do not cause serious concerns to a civilised society. For example when there is internal war in a foreign country leading to genocide,to poverty,starvation, absence of freedom of speech,assembly etc, imposition of dictatorship etc. India and international community may perhaps not stand aloof. It is perhaps time, for the policy framers to engage in open discussion on the circumstances under which India can take note of the internal affairs of other countries and act, of course involving the United Nations,international community in this exercise.