I retired in 2006, as Director of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. As a career diplomat for over 30 years, I served in a number of missions across Asia, Europe and South America. I have been involved in major government policies covering trade, commerce and security.

For over 40 years I am following keenly, political, economic, scientific and social developments in the state of Tamilnadu, in India and in the world. I am interested in the data, developments and events and form own view on various issues -Indian and internatinal.

I am currently Executive Chairman of Kaniva Connections, a business consultancy based in Singapore. Additionally, I advise the management of Shri Raghavendra Schools, an education services firm in India.

I studied statistics at Loyola College, Chennai, India and worked for the Department of Statistics, Government of India for 5 years. I have keen interest in statistics-agricultural, industrial, trade etc. I form my own views and opinion based on facts and data.

I have also interest in current politics, economic policies etc.


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