Unemployment and crime


Most of the crimes which are committed for money are committed by the unemployed people. Hence with increased employment opportunities, crime will come down. Creating jobs is one way of curtailing crime rate, making life safer and happier for the people.Governments can give grants to the industrialists and businessmen who create regular jobs with a view to encourage them. Governments can undertake infrastructural and irrigation projects, set up research institutes-scientific, industrial, social,economics.


Atomic energy


India is supposed to be having expertise in space science, atomic energy and ocean science. Very often one gets news of the space programmes. Of late, there is not much news about the activities of the department of atomic energy and the institutes of this department. Similarly there is no news about the programmes in ocean science. There appears to be vast scope for development in these three sectors. These three branches could coordinate and take up research in modifying weather with a view to prevent floods and drought, moderate heat and cold etc.



Everything happens according to a person’s fateb
Do not illtreat anyone or hate

Reporting by the media


Of late one reads/sees mostly negative news like accidents,thefts, kidnappings,murders, cheating, corruption negligence and news like developments in Socio economic field,science and technology, industry etc is limited.
This leads pEople to lose theìrj confidence, give up thèir initiatives and ambitions and the country’s negative economic growth. It would be good if the media carefully plans the contents of the news.

Republic Day 2018- some thoughts


On the Republic day, it is appropriate to think of the vast development that has taken place in the country since independence. It is also not out of place to think of the missed opportunities and the ways to move forward faster. It is also useful to compare the development in India with the development that has taken place in other countries, particularly with countries like South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia etc. More important is the comparisons of per capita income, per capita availability of consumption items, medical services, educational services, transport services etc, While India has the third largest economy in the world, in per capita GDP it ranks below 100, lower than the countries to whom India extends economic assistance. Investment in research in science and technology is very low and the country looks for foreign technology and money. While importing technology on a short term basis is not harmful, looking for foreign funds is not only not necessary but also strikes at the root of self reliance. While countries with low population should seek foreign technology, India which is larger than some continents in population should aim at developing technology.

Bilateral relationship with other countries particularly with developing countries should not be based only on extending technical and economic assistance but also on receiving for Indian establishments and individuals concessions, facilities etc for their development. For example, India should make efforts to obtain permissions for Indian banks, insurance companies, educational institutes, hospitals, audit firms etc to freely operate in foreign countries. India should also seek agreement with Sri Lanka for Indian fishermen to fish in Sri Lankan waters and Sri Lankan fishermen to fish in Indian waters.

Cyclone Ockhi 2017- points to need for Ministry of Disaster Prevention and Management


Elsewhere in this blog, the need for Ministries of Disaster Prevention and Management at the centre and in the states has been stressed. The huge loss of lives and properties in Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu could have been minimized if such ministries had been established. This is a very important work which should not be left to be dealt on ad hoc basis by revenue and other departments most of which have not expertise or experience to handle . the disaster problems. Systems should be established which should jump into action as soon as disaster is anticipated or starts happening. The Ministry should have regular annual budget and it should also have large contingent fund from which amounts can be drawn without waiting for sanctions from concerned authorities. There should be offices of this Ministry in every district and places vulnerable to calamities like cyclones, floods, landslides, forest fires, droughts, accidents etc.

States should have power to levy and collect income tax


According to the Constitution of India, income tax is a central subject. The Central Govt has only a few offices in states that too in cities and large towns. On the other hand state governments have offices even in remote villages. For example Village Administrative offices (VAO) which issue various certificates like income certificates, Community Certificates, Nativity Certificates etc, are located in all revenue villages. So, it is easy for state governments to know if any particular individual or company may have taxable income. The VAOs can maintain and update data on those having taxable income. This will minimize and almost eliminate the need for raids by income tax officers.

Further, instead of the central government collecting income tax and transferring part of the same to states, the state governments themselves can levy and collect the same. In order that the people are not taxed too much, the Finance Commission can suggest maximum central and state tax rates which together should not exceed the current or reasonable level. This is similar to the central and state GST.

In this context, it will be appropriate to state that the income which is invested for productive purposes like establishment of factories, transport organizations, commercial farming, service industries etc. which generate considerable employment, should be exempted from tax. After all the governments which collect taxes, are expected to use the money mostly for employment generating activities.

It may be added that in United States, most of the states levy income tax in addition to the Federal Government.