7th Pay Commission recommended salaries should be revised downwards


At present government school teachers are drawing in many cases 2-3 times that of well paid private school teachers. One often hears of private Engineering College Lecturers getting  salaries of less than Rs.15000/-..Similarly government typists and clerks are drawing very high salaries compared to their counterparts in the private companies and offices.Even highly qualified Engineers in private sector draw in many cases less than govt employed Clerks, Typists, teachers etc. Private sector is unable to pay higher salaries because they do not have sufficient money. They can increase salaries of their employees to the level of govt sector only if they increase the prices of their products. If the prices are increased, products cannot be sold. A farmer who works whole time on his own 3 acres of land does not earn Rs.200000 a  year, which a government’s lowest paid employee already earns. A Provision shop owner who works in rural areas from 6 am in the morning till 8 pm in the night does not earn a net mount of Rs.200000 a year. Thus it is clear that government employees are already getting much more than their counterparts in the private sector and hence there is need to revise the 7th Pay Commission recommended salaries down wards

Of course at the top level private sector employees  earn as much as and in many cases much more than their level employees in the government.