The Party for Capitalist Economy stands for decentralizing. For the last few years, the trend has been to centralize everything- grant of subsidies directly to the consumers from the central government, admission of students to certain professional courses, deciding quantum of taxes to be collected by the state governments etc. Even the state governments are taking decisions on behalf of private institutes and individuals like fees to be charged by schools from students, cutting trees, age at which one should marry, age at which one should go for jobs etc. The Party for Capitalist Economy thinks that decision taking should be decentralized- Central and state governments should resist the temptation to have more powers and allow private individuals and institutions to decide. There appears to be a need for All India parties like BJP and Congress as well as other parties to debate on the pros and cons of centralizing power.


Political leaders of Tamilnadu and All India political leadership


There was a time when there were leaders from Tamilnadu who occupied important positions in the Central leadership of their respective parties. In the Congress Party there were leaders like Kamaraj, C.Subramaniam, R.Venkataraman who were respected and admired by  central leadership of the Congress party. Some of them were  talked of as potential Prime Ministers. The founder and leader of the Swatantra Party, which was at one time the largest Opposition Party in Lok Sabha, viz Rajaji is from Tamilnadu. Mr.P.Ramamurthy of CPI(M) was one of the top leaders of that Party. Recently though some leaders from Tamilnadu occupied important positions in the Central cabinet like P.Chidambaram, Anbumani Ramadoss, Dayanidhi Maran, T.R.Balu etc, none of them had the stature to influence decisions of the central government. In the existing circumstances, i.e. when All India parties- BJP and Congress- do not have much following in Tamilnadu, the local(Tamilnadu) leaders of these parties are unlikely to emerge as top leaders of their respective parties in the normal course.

There is need for an alternative to Congress and BJP. It could be an united Front of all existing and new regional/state parties or a new All India Party. Tamilnadu’s political leaders should try for this viz formation 9f  United Front of regional parties or a new All India Party. They could have important positions in these orgnisations.

India – 2014 Elections


Elections to the Indian Parliament are taking place in various parts of the country.The BJP is blaming Congress and Congress is blaming BJP for the ills of the country. The fact is that both the parties while in the government have done what they thought was good for the country.Both of these parties however have failed to grasp that it is not the policies alone which improve the economy. It is the implementation that is very important. For example the Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme could have lead to production of about 400 million tonnes of cereals and made the country surplus in food grains by deepening existing lakes, by digging new lakes, linking lakes with lakes and lakes with rivers. But there are serious allegations that the scheme provides salaries to people but no significant work is done. This is because the people do not work hard and full time. If a country is to progress, its people should be sincere, honest , hard working and committed to the work they are doing. But in India people are not so. If the country is to progress, the people have to change, become honest,hardworking..

There are allegations of corruption among political leaders. The leaders are forced by people to spend a lot of money for getting elected to Parliament/Legislative assemblies. This leads to political corruption.

People expect undeserved assistance from the government. This leads to bureaucratic corruption.

It is thus clear that the ills of the country are due to the people- common people. The first thing that is to be done is to inculcate good values and discipline in the people. Changes of governments and policies alone may not make much difference to the economy of the country unless the policies have a component to compel people to be honest and hardworking.