Working days and holidays.


India is a land of diversity. There are several regions,religions, races, languages, festivals,customs etc. The central and state governments have fixed the number of holidays in a year at less than 20 whereas in every region, there are more than 40 important festivals- religious as well as secular festivals. The government restricting holidays in a year prevents people from observing and celebrating some of the important festivals. It is essential for people not to deviate from traditions. Therefore the governments should declare holidays for all the festivals. As it is also important not to ignore work, the government should cancel holidays on certain saturdays and sundays. There is nothing wrong if offices, factories, business establishments etc. work on a few sundays and a few saturdays. Thus the number of working days in a year would remain unaltered. Of course, it is better, if the number of working days is increased so that the country develops faster with higher production,coming from longer working time.