Research on increasing Rainfall.


For the third consecutive year, certain parts of the country had below normal rainfall. But in certain parts, the rainfall was more than normal. Not only this. Sometimes there is heavy rainfall in one place, but in a place just half a kilometer away from this place, there is no sign of rainfall at all. Sometimes there are clouds in the sky everyday but the rain does not fall. These entire phenomenon should be studied and research should be undertaken to increase rainfall. There is a procedure of cloud seeding  with salt by aircrafts to condense water in the clouds and induce rainfall. This procedure should be undertaken wherever and whenever there is need. Each district should have a few aircrafts for cloud seeding.

But cloud seeding is not sufficient.  Sometimes, there may not be clouds at all. Now research should be undertaken on how the clouds are formed and on how cloud formation can be made artificially. Three- fourths of the area of the earth is oceans and there is continuous evaporation. With the earth getting warmer-if this is true- there should be more evaporation and more clouds and consequently more rainfall. Now there should be research on dispersing the clouds to the places where there are no clouds. India should perhaps take the initiative to set up an international research institute on rainfall, first to understand  how the rainfall takes place and then to study the ways and means of increasing the rainfall.




Recently there were moderate to heavy rains in certain parts of Tamilnadu but in certain other parts like in many places in Dharmapuri district there were no rains. Hewever, one could see clouds every day. There are general theories on how clouds are formed and how it rains.

Cloud seeding is done by many countries including India for inducing rainfall. Now what is required is research on reducing the cost of cloud seeding.

There is also need for research on rainfall when there are no clouds over the area where rain is desired. There should be research on moving rain bearing clouds from where ever they are to where ever rain is required. The cost should be affordable. There are generally more clouds over sea than over land and rain is more required over land than over sea. During day time winds blow from sea to land and vice-versa during night time. But this does not happen some times and rain bearing clouds are not moved by winds to land during day time. Now the research should be on moving clouds from over sea to land at affordable cost.If the cost is affordable, then the clouds can be moved also from places where the rain is causing floods to dry areas. Considering the amount of time,energy, money needed to mitigate the effects and contain damages of heavy floods, expenditure on research on moving clouds is worth spending.