Disaster prevention and management


Natural disasters like cyclones, floods and droughts are almost  a regular phenomenon in one part or the other in India.  Recently, there had been a few earthquakes also. Cyclones, floods and drought have led to huge losses of lives (human and animal), properties and agricultural crops.

A division in the Central Home Ministry handles matters relating to disasters. Considering the magnitude of loss of lives, properties and crops, this arrangement is not satisfactory.  Disaster prevention and management should be included in the concurrent list of the 7th schedule to the Constitution of India and separate  Ministries for Disaster Prevention and Management should be created at the centre and state governments. These Ministries among others should on a continuous basis be engaged in

  • Digging canals and taking river water to lakes; digging new lakes; deepeing existing lakes. Water from the river should be taken in  canals to lakes as far as possible
  • Strengthening the banks of the river, constructing walls on the banks
  • Constructing sea walls near the coast to prevent water from sea waves entering the nearby dwellings
  • Conducting research on increasing the recharge of  ground water
  • Establishing research and development centres for designing of houses which can withstand earthquakes

These Ministries should also be in charge of relief and rehabilitation of  people affected by disasters- both natural and man-made.