Domestic issue of a foreign country


In a foreign country, if Indian citizens are robbed not because they are Indians, but because they have money and any other nationals may also be robbed if opportunities are there, then it is a domestic issue of law and order of the foreign country. If, however, Indian citizens in a foreign country are attacked or even discriminated, because of their Indian origin, this cannot be considered a domestic issue. Even if persons of Indian origin holding foreign passports are discriminated in the foreign country because of their Indian origin, then also, it cannot be a domestic issue. It should be treated as a bilateral issue and the Goverment of India has to take up the issue with the foreign country. In the case of local people also, if a foreign country denies them the basic human rights, the international community has to consider ways like economic sactions for restoring the human rights.

This needs to debated in India to arrive at a conclusion and may not be left to the government alone to take decisions and act accordingly.