Poor people to become rich and rich people to become richer.


It has become a fashion with political parties/leaders, non-governmental organizations, intellectuals etc to express their interests in the betterment of  the poor people only as though they are not bothered about the interests and concerns of the rich people- businessmen, industrialists, service providers and large land owners. In fact they always  talk ill of rich people. This is an unhealthy situation. It is the rich people who pay taxes to the government for running the government and for providing  welfare schemes for poor people , it is the rich people who create and provide jobs to the people, it is the rich people who engage in large charitable activities. It is therefore difficult to understand why the rich people are ignored by the government etc. The policy of any government should be to make rich people richer, so that they can make poor people rich by setting up industries, shops, service establishments and providing jobs to unemployed persons and providing higher posts for already employed workers, staff and officers.  To bridge the gap between the poor and rich, rich people should not be made poor, but poor people should have higher growth in income than the rich people.


Need for a new(rightist) political party in India


At present the political parties in India talk of working for the interests of different sections of the population- people belonging to working class, backward class, SC & ST, farmers, consumers, middle class, poor people, minorities, different castes, different languages and regions etc. No party talks of working for the welfare of all sections of the people-poor and rich, forward and backward castes, minority and majority communities etc. While socially and economically backward people definitely need preferences and concessions, the interests of rich people and forward communities should not be altogether neglected, It should be borne in mind, that it is the rich people – industrialists and business people who provide the bulk of employment to the people, including the poor people. They serve the poor people better than the state and central governments. If the rich people become richer, they would establish more businesses which in turn will provide more employment to both poor and rich people. It is not necessary that there is always conflict of interests of employers and employees. Employees should put in their best efforts to serve the employers and employers should in turn share the profits with the employees and the consumers by giving bonus to the employees and reducing the prices for the consumers in the subsequent period,

There is a need for a new political party which facilitates poor people to become rich and rich people to become richer. The gap between the rich and the poor is immaterial so long as the lowest income people earn a decent amount for a decent life-i.e to take care of the basic necessities and small luxuries. This is the way for the country to develop economically. By talking of working only for poor people, the parties want poor people to remain poor so that they can continue to get their votes. Once the poor people become rich, the parties would lose their votes. The policies of the governments should be not only to get more revenue but also to enable private people to have more money so that they can invest and increase the production of goods and services i.e higher Gross Domestic Product(GDP) and provide more employment and revenue to the governments-both central and states.