Guyana-India Economic Co-operation


Gold is the main item of export for Guyana contributing over 40% to total exports. India is a very large importer of gold. India should explore possibilities of import of gold directly from Guyana , if necessary by undertaking of refining etc.

The second major item of export of Guyana is Rice. Guyana has large uncultivated but cultivable land. Indian companies can lease land for cultivation of Paddy, set up rice mills and increase exports of rice from Guyana. Guyana’s trade deficit can be wiped out.Indian companies can earn good profits as Guyana has fertile land and abundant rainfall.

Sugar is the fourth largest item of Guyana’s exports. Here also Indian companies can set up sugar mills and also lease land for cultivating sugarcane for feeding the mills. With increased sugar production, there will be increase in the production of molasses which can feed Rum factories. Guyana’s Rum is famous and Indian companies can produce and export Rum from Guyana.

Guyana also produces and exports rough diamonds and India is a large importer of this item. India can directly import diamond from Guyana .India can also explore possibilities of diamond exploration.

Some of the items which Guyana can import from India are: motor vehicles , including cars, sugar machinery, agricultural machinery like tractors, harvesters etc.Guyana consumes wheat but does not produce the same. Guyana can import wheat/wheat flour from India. The quantity will not be huge as the total population of Guyana is less than one million.

There are also possibilities for cooperation between the two countries in laying railway lines in Guyana and construction of bridges across rivers


Guyana- easy and quick way to increase per capita income.


Guyana is a midsized country in terms of area, with about 215000 sq.kilometres. However in terms of population, it is a very small country with a population of only about 750000 which works out to a density of less than 4 people per sqkm. The world average is about 14 people per Guyana has fertile land, receives good amount of rainfall with a number of perennial rivers.The country can easily sustain a population of over 10 million, but unfortunately, the population is declining by about 0.5%.(mainly due to migration to USA, Canada)every year. This is why,the country is unable to exploit its natural resources like land, rainfall, bauxite, gold etc. Its per capita income is only about US$7000/- Guyana can raise its per capita income to about uS$15000/- within a short period of about 5 years, if the goverment leases out just 2 million hectares of its land to foreigners.The population may increase to about 1 million and the GDP would go up to about 15000 million.