If I had been Electricty Miniser in a sate in India


If had been the Electricity Minister of a state of India,

i.government would have floated tenders for generation and supply of electricity by private producer who generate or would generate electricty from non-conventional sources like bo-gas,garbage, waves, wind,sunlight,etc and decided on the tenders early,in the presence of all the bidders in a transparent manner. if all had agreed to supply at the lowest quotation, all would have been given orders.

ii. government would have created a separate cadre of officials for promoting use of power saving schemes like solar water heater,solar pumps,wind mill pumps etc.

iii.government would have set up or encouraged private parties to set up factories to manufacture solar panels and other requirements for generating solar power,etc

iv. government would have granted or encouraged banks to grant interest free loans(government compensates the banks), to all organisations engaged in research on minimising electricity usage

v.government would also have granted subsidy for household,office and industrial equipment and machinery which minimise consumption of electricity

vi.to discourage use of electricity for cooking, products like solar cookers would have been heavily subsidised and subsidy would have been granted for publiciy for these products

vii.all local bodies-panchayats, municipalities.etc.) would have been made to put up solar street lights,

viii. a scheme would have been drawn, whereby factories, offices,shops, houses etc.which consume lesser electricity in a year compared to previous year would get electricty credits- electricity bills in the next year would be reduced by some percentage points

ix.all government establishments including offices would have have been using solar or wind energy,

x.local bodies would have been encouraged to set up power plants using garbage for generating electricity, where private parties had not come forward to set up such plants,

xi.the above mentioned schemes would also have reduced electricty losses in transmission