manifesto for Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly elections.


If the party comes to power:

i.there will be no need for Community(Caste) Certificates as there would be no discrimination for or against any caste while extending concessions, benefits etc.

ii. There will be no need for Income Certificates as schemes/benefits to people will not be based on the income

iii.There will be no need for certificates as to Small Farmers, as all farmers will be treated alike

iv.there will be no need for applying for separate patta for land as this will be done automatically by the revenue department on forwaring purchase/sale deed from the office of Sub-Registrar.

v. there will be no need for applying for name change for electricity servce as electricity board will automatically change the name on receipt of copy of sale/purchase deed from the office of Sub-Registrar

vi. There will be no need for ration cards as there will be no ration.. All able bodied people will be provided employment with decent salary. Those unable to do any work will be provided food, clothing, shelter in hostels financed by government.

vii. There will be no need for cooking gas cards, as everyone will be able to buy cooking gas in the open market. Since there is shortage of cooking gas, government itself in the initial stage produce and distribute biogas, solar cookers, solar heaters, etc.

viii.there will be no need for environment clearance, as government will itself prevent pollution on collection of fee from industries just as garbage is collected by local bodies.

ix.there will be no need for applicants for licences/permissions to obtain and forward to the licence/approval issuing authorities No Objection Certificates from various offices like fire department, thasildar’s office. Village Administrative Officer, health department, etc., as these will be obtained directly by licence/approval issuing office.

x. there will be no need for the public to visit any government office personally for any service, as applications can be sent by post or online and the approval/certificat will be sent by post or by email.

xi. there will be no need to go to government office or bank to make any payment to the government as cvomputer centres will make payments electronically after receiving cash/cheque etc from applicants

xii.there will be no corruption, as in most cases, applicants do not meet the officials and the possibilities of officials asking bribe is almost nil.

xiii.There will be no overloading in trains, buses, trucks etc, as additional trains,buses, trucks will be deployed and roads will be wider and thee will be additional rail lines.

xiv. there will be no need for reservation in government jobs for any community as there will be adequate jobs in the public and private sector and the salary level and other facilities in these sectors will be more or less same.

xv.there will be no need for government to extend subsidies to farmers,consumers etc as the prices will be allowed to be determined by market forces. Only in unusual circumstances,the government would interfere.

xvi.there will be no power-cuts as adequate power will be generated from non-conventional sources like sun, wind, waves, biomass, urban waste/garbage etc. all cities, towns and major panchayats, electric trains/buses will be run.




The services of village elders will be utilized in the matter of administration of the village. These services will be integrated with village administrative system by appointing honorary village munsifs(village administrative officers) and kanakkapillais who used to do the surveying work. The local people would be used extensively in maintaining law and order. Home Guards and Honorary Police officials would form part of the local Police. Village elders would also be involved in maintaining water bodies, augmenting supplies by  draining rainwater into the water bodies like lakes and rivers, and releasing water for irrigation. People would be actively associated with new projects like production and supply of biogas on cooperative basis, generation of electricity from wastes etc. In short village people and elders would be associated/involved with the activities of the government right from the planning stage. Partly, this will mean more and wider powers for the village panchayats.


To bring about social justice, the admission in technical, medical and other scientific institutions of brilliant students belonging to “forward” communities is restricted, so as to provide admission for “backward” community students. This leads to curtailing opportunities for brilliant forward community students to contribute to the scientific and technological development of the state and this in turn leads to slower economic growth. As both social justice and technological/scientific/economic development are important, the intake in the prestigious institutes would be increased so as to ensure that brilliant forward community students  are not denied admission.

As everyone will be provided jobs, there will not be much demand for reservation in government jobs. Government jobs will also be made only as attractive as private sector job,

For jobs which do not require special skill and for jobs with low salary, 100% reservation will be provided to local people which include all people residing in the locality even for short periods,


Population of Tamilnadu in 2011 of 72.1 million accounts for about 5.9% of India’s population of 1210 million. Tamilnadu is the 7th largest state in the country. However, the population of children of Tamilnadu of 0-6 years, is only 6.89 million which works out to only 4.3% of the total child population of 158.7 million. It ranks 9th largest in the country. In the normal course, Tamilnadu’s population would also in future come to around 4.4% of India’s population. But this level of population will not be able to maintain the fairly large industry, agriculture and service sector in the state. There will naturally be migration from densely populated states like Bihar, UP, West Bengal and low income states like Orissa. To sustain the industry, agriculture and service sector development, our government would devise ways and means to permanently absorb the population from other states by creating necessary conditions like extending education in mother tongue to the migrant children, providing all facilities and concessions to them as are being given to local population like free rations, clothing, house sites, houses etc. Additionally, people will also be encouraged to have more children




Tasmac shops will not be punished but alcohol content in drinks will be reduced, In addition encouragement will be given to groups of people to gather near shops and plead with the customers to give up drinking.


Ladies who have to be regularly on the roads on account of their work etc. will be given free training in arts/martial arts to defend themselves.
Employers will be asked to avoid as far as possible giving work to ladies in late evening or early morning.
Police(security officers)  will be on duty  at places vulnerable to violence against women like colleges, cinema halls, bus stands, restaurants, temples etc.

CCTV Cameras will be installed at regular interval in roads, streets, parks, bank offices, shopping centres, markets etc. to put fear in criminals so that they desist from indulging in crimes and to check the speed of vehicles.


Republic Day and Independence day celebrations will be held in district headquarters towns in turns, to enable all people of the state to witness the celebrations


As far as possible our government will remove the following divides created by previous governments, NGOs,international organisations etc. and women

ii.young and old

iii.employers and employees, and businessmen

v.producers and traders

vi.small land owners and large land owners

vii. rich and the poor

viii.forward communities and backward communities

  1. small industry and large industry

x.consumers and suppliers

These divides  have mostly robbed the unity and happiness of the society to some extent. The unit of the society is family and not individuals. A family has men, women, old people and young people. So the family would not be divided along the lines of gender or age. A society needs farmers, businessmen, rich people, small industry, large industry, consumers, suppliers etc. and the interests of all the people should be promoted. It may be argued that poor people need protection and support whereas the rich do not need. Hence one has to divide the society into rich and poor people. But the rich people also need to become richer to provide jobs to larger number of people, to provide higher wages and benefits to existing employees etc. Producers need traders to distribute their products. Traders need producers to produce goods for them to distribute. Thus the people are inter dependent. They need each other. It is therefore the endeavor of the new govt not to talk in terms of men, women, young, old, rich, poor etc. and our government would not divide the society. With the consensus of political parties Special Boards for women, different communities, difference vocations etc would be closed.




More government work will be outsourced i.e. more non-confidential work will be got done from private contractors.

The government will train officers and staff to examine issues positively and a negative decision should be taken with the approval of an authority higher than the one who is in charge of the matter, Government would in most cases accept affidavits, undertakings etc in the place of documentary and other proof

Government will form separate Ministries for the following subjects.

non-conventional energy

Science and Technology

Personnel and Administrative Reforms

waste land development

Irrigation and water resources development


Departments of Revenue and Commercial Taxes could be merged.

To minimise the congestion in Chennai,the following proposals would be revived/considered

(i) shifting the capital of the state to another place like Tiruchi(old proposal)

(ii)shifting of some important offices like Tamilnadu Public Service Commission, High Court,Govenment of Tamilnadu commercial and industrial undertakings,Statistics Department

(iii)Discouraging of establishment of certain industries in the capital by way of additional taxes

(iv)further encouraging of establishment of industries in backward areas by enhancing the current level of incentives

There will be redistribution of work between District Collector and District Superintendent of Police.

all vacancies would be filled in and additional posts would be created  if necessary by looking at the pending papers and after conducting work studies to determine the workload

promotions would be made on the basis of merit and not on seniority

discipline would be enforced at all costs

posts would be filled up by those possessing minimum required qualification.  Higher qualified persons would be avoided as they would not be suitable from the points of willingness to work, their perception of low level of salary vis a vis their qualification etc.

officers would avoid doing work of juniors and concentrate on important matters

avoidable and unnecessary work would not be taken up as it would divert concentration from important work

senior officers in stead of doing most of the work, would train  junior officers to do the work and take work from them

There would be more number of posts than at present at the junior level.

The talent at junior level at present is underutilized. Steps would be taken to utilize fully the talent at all levels. Unnecessary information will not be asked from applicants.

The officers who harass applicants by asking unrequired information will be punished


Corruption at political and official level will be eliminated even without any new laws and regulations, institutions or authorities, by strictly following existing rules and regulations,

Being part of the society, the political and bureaucratic functionaries have the same level of honesty, integrity, efficiency, devotion to duty etc. as the common people of the society. The common person in general is honest only because he/she has no opportunity to be corrupt. When he/she has the opportunity to be corrupt, he will almost definitely extract bribes by any way. So, if the corruption in government is to be eliminated, the society should first be made honest. But this is not easy.

But corruption cannot be allowed to be continued. The situation of absence of corruption can be achieved only by eliminating opportunities for corruption. For this, there is need to amend the rules and procedures. For example, in all the cases,  single window system would be adopted. This means, the applicants for licences, approvals etc. need to apply only to one authority. This authority would seek “no objection certificates” from other offices wherever necessary. Again the denials/delays in extending services would be explained by the concerned authorities to their seniors and to the applicants or their nominees. All communications between the authorities and the applicants would be through mail/email so that the chances of authorities asking bribe from applicants are eliminated/reduced. Government would also in most cases accept affidavits and undertakings from applicants instead of asking for proofs and certificates from various other authorities.

No employee would be given increments and promotions unless he does good work and is honest. Promotions would not be on the basis of seniority but on the considerations of merit and honesty.

When these changes are made in rules and procedures, corruption will be eliminated to a large extent.

System of punishing corrupt officials will be substituted by preventing officials from taking bribes

In cooperation with the intelligentsia and social activists values like honesty, hard work, self-respect (declining avoidable assistance from any quarter), devotion to duty, patriotism, fear of God etc. would be inculcated in the minds of the people from childhood.




Restrictions on planting, growing and cutting trees like sandalwood, teak etc will be removed
Trees grown wildly (like karuvelam trees) will be replaced with useful trees in public/government places Fully  grown trees will be cut and used and new saplings will be planted(replantation)on a continuous basis


The rural hospitals will be upgraded and all treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation etc as are available in private hospitals of medium sized towns, will be undertaken in rural hospitals. Difficult and serious cases will be referred to big hospitals, All treatments will be free for all sections of the population. No income or nativity certificate will be asked. Multi speciality hospitals cum research institutions will be opened in all district headquarters

Separate hospitals cum research institutions will be established for unknown diseases.

Relatives, friends etc. will not be required to stay with the patient once the patient is admitted in a hospital. The hospital will take care of the patient completely. The relatives can attend to their routine work.

There will be intensive research on Native medicine in addition to research on Ayurveda, siddha and other systems.

All major hospitals will have native medicine sections.

Government will pay a lump sum amount to successful native medicine practitioners and ask them to train some candidates.

M.B.B.S and B.E are the coveted professional courses. These are 4 1/2 and 4 year courses respectivbely  after 12th class. In engineering, for those who are not in a position to get admission in B.E due to various reasons, there is an option of pursuing 3 year diploma course after 10th class. Not all engineering works require knowledge of a B.E. graduate and the diploma engineers do not have any special difficulty in getting suitable jobs. In the case of medical course, in Tamilnadu there is no option to pursue a diploma course in medicine and surgery. Like in engineering, not all medical treatments require the knowledge of MBBS graduates and MBBS graduates need not spend their time on treating simple ailments. 3 years after 10th class diploma course in medicine and surgery will provide adequate knowledge to persons to treat routine cases. So our government will introduce such course.

There are separate clinics for medical treatment of Central government employees in large cities like Delhi,Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai etc.If the illness requires hospitalization or if the doctors at the clinic are unable to handle the treatment, the patients are referred to government hospitals and if these hospitals also cannot treat the patients, they are referred to private hospitals which have the facilities for treatment, even if they are expensive and outside the place of residence of patients. The cost of treatment at private hospital is borne by the government.

Similarly when a local government hospital is unable to treat a common man’s illness, the patient would be referred to government hospital or private hospital and the entire expenditure would be met by the government. No certificate of income would be asked for. The fact that the patient did not go direct to private hospital but came to local government hospital shows that the patient needs/wants government assistance. This is one of the most required welfare measures which the government would extend to the people.


Scholarships will be provided to all meritorious students irrespective of their communities, income level etc. upto research level. No income, community etc certificates will be asked for.

grants will be given liberally for all colleges and private institutes to undertake research in pure sciences like physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, mathematics etc.

Institutions for research on heat, cold, wind, rainfall, soil erosion etc. will be established in all district headquarters

for matching grants will be given by government  for research by industry

Grants will also be given for establishing new research organisations

for supplying laboratory equipment fo universities/ colleges   through University Grants Commission

for research on refining techniques of artificial rain making

for research and development of robots

for establishment of a separate council for promotion of scientific cooperation with other states and foreign countries and for undertaking joint research projects with other states/ foreign countries and international organizations

for carrying intensive research on alternate fuels,

Samacheer kalvi thittam will be discontinued. A brilliant student who can absorb lessons more easily than others should not be denied access to further lessons.

Our government will restrict interference in the running of private educational institutes to the barest minimum. In the matter of syllabus and fees charged, there will be no interference.