Poor performance of Bangladesh in tourism promotion


Of all the countries in South Asia, the number of foreign tourist arrivals in Bangladesh is very low. If Bangladesh performs well in attracting foreign tourists, it could earn substantial amount in foreign exchange and also generate employment. The tourist arrivals in South Asia are given below

Country 2011 2012 2013  2014  
Bangladesh 155000 125000 148000 125000  
Bhutan  66000 105000 116000 134000


India 6309000 6578000 6968000 7679000
Maldives 931000 958000 1125000 1205000
Myanmar 816000 1059000 2044000 3081000
Nepal 736000  803000  798000  790000
Pakistan 1161000  966000 NA na
Sri Lanka   856000 1006000 1275000 1527000


It is seen from the above table that Bangladesh receives the least number of international tourists, in spite of the fact that being a fairly large country it has most of the facilities which the tourists require like easy access, beaches, hills, rivers, boating, scenic beauty etc.  What needs to be done is cooperation of Bangladesh inbound tour operators with outbound tour operators of major tourists originating countries like China, United States, Germany, UK etc. as also neighboring countries like India,  Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Bangladesh should also seriously make Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries as places of pilgrimage. Cooperation should also be explored with inbound tour operators of neighboring countries who could send their  foreign clients to Bangladesh for a few days.