Economic Growth


Indian economy is reported to have grown by over 7% during 2015-16. This statistics should be correct. But on the ground one does not see the growth. The unemployment continues to be as before. Government’s  Employment guarantee scheme continues. If economy grows, employment opportunities are created,  and therefore there should less dependence on government guarantee scheme.  On the other hand unemployment situation appears to have deteriorated  so that the government has increased the number of days the  people are employed in a year.Unemployment among educated people is growing. Many people depend on government grants and subsidies to survive instead of on working and earning. This is an indication of poor management of the economy. The media mostly carries news of governments’ schemes to assist people to acquire amenities rather than establishment of factories,  research institutes,undertaking infrastructure works etc.for  generation of employment so that the people will work and earn for their survival. Government should also not depend solely on foreign investment. It should assist local entrepreneurs with liberal policies to establish factories and undertake infrastructure works.