Prevention of Crime/violence-involvement of religious pesonalities


In Feb 2017, Tamilnadu Police arrested around 500 rowdies in order to prevent law and order problems following split in the ruling AIADMK party. Some of them are said to be repeated offenders. IN due course all these  people will be released. It would be useful if government organizes all religions- yoga or meditation or prayer- courses for all these offenders with a view to change their mindset. The aim of the government should be not just punishing the offenders but reforming them and making them valuable and respected citizens. Prisons should be places of reformation. It is claimed by experts of Transcendental Meditation(TM) that if a person performs TM, several persons in the surrounding area will change for good. Hindu,Christian, Islamic, Sikh, Buddhist. Jain etc Priests could be invited to participate in the social movement to prevent violence and serious crime by conducting classes in prisons as also in specially organized meetings. As the society is becoming more violent, some concerted efforts are needed to change the trend