Popularising Solar Energy


Solar energy has been talked about for decades all over the world. Unfortunately, energy generation from sunshine till now is negligible compared to generation from thermal or hydro sources.

Several governments extend subsidies and concessions for solar energy but entrepreneurs have not come forward in large numbers to benefit from these subsidies. This is because they are not sure of the profitability or viability of solar energy projects. Since the private sector is reluctant , governments should come forward and set up solar power generation units either departmentally or through government undertakings. Once the governments stabilize the generation of solar power, they should sell the project to private entrepreneurs for management and embark on new projects. This is because it is easier for governments to establish the second project than for the private entrepreneurs to establish a new unit. The entrepreneur, to whom the first unit is sold, should also be encouraged to expand the unit.

After a few units are established, these will become popular; the viability of solar projects would be confirmed and private sector would enter  the solar energy generation sector.