Tamilnadu Assembly Elections


Political parties in Tamilnadu accuse the big parties of bribing voters for their votes. There are allegations that even small parties distributed money among voters according to their ability. All major parties/Fronts  were confident of forming government even after the elections were held. But as the results were coming in, the losing parties started accusing winning party of large scale distribution of money among voters.  If losing parties have not distributed money, how is it that the losing party in most of the constituencies polled nearly as much as winning party- the winning margin is very low. It may be that both winning and losing parties have given money.

The DMK and ADMK  and some  other parties have promised freebies in their election manifestos.They do so as they think that the voters want the freebies.

If democracy is to take roots, people should desist from taking money for  votes and expecting freebies from government. More than the political parties, it is the people who should change.

Research on weather modification


There  are Posts in this Blog on the need for research on clouds, wind,rain, cloud seeding etc. Indonesia uses Weather Modification Technology, by which it reduces rain in Jakarta   ,thereby reducing floods in Jakarta by using cloud seeding method -by seeding salt on the clouds before they reach over Jakarta-i.e. while the clouds are still over the seas ,thus making the clouds rain over the seas,thereby reducing rain over Jakarta. If this method had been used in Chennai and other coastal areas in 2015, floods could have been minimized  to some extent.There should also be intense research of increasing evaporation from ocean and precipitation over the land







Growth of Indian economy-focus on consumer durable industry


The growth of Indian economy since the liberalization of the  economy in 1990s is based mainly on construction industry including government supported  roads and airports and on automobile industry. While there is still possibility of growth in construction industry,
including roads, railways, bridges etc. there is not much scope for expansion in auto industry,  as it has almost reached saturation point. Now the country has to think in terms of expansion of consumer durable industry like production of  air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, dish washers, automatic cleaning machines, microwave ovens,domestic water softeners etc. For growth of this industry, the banks have to provide loans to consumers, liberally, in the same manner they had extended loans for buying automobiles including two wheelers and houses as well as purchase of house plots and construction of individual houses. The growth in this industry may last for a decade or two, by which time, there would be need for  construction of new buildings and purchase of new vehicles  for replacement.

Expansion of consumer durable industry will necessitate large scale generation of electricity. Non-conventional energy like  solar energy, wind energy, bio-mass energy, energy from waves etc should be developed which would  lead to further growth of economy